There are lots of sites on Neocities, as one can see when viewing the front page of Neocities, registered or not. Here are some of my favorite sites that I follow.

Cinnamuff's Galaxy

A fun and quirky artist who has two webcomic projects and a big project called the Cinnaverse.


A frequent blogger who enjoys playing games and has interesting projects in the works!


An intergalactic goat with cool illustrations!

Internet Bee

A talented bee who makes cool art, funky jewelery and sandwiches of the egg.

Jerry Lehr

An enthusiastic programmer and music creator with a constantly changing, constantly interesting site!


A basic website for a unique artist that likes to draw people.

Moo Like a Goat!

An internet-native goat!? On the web!? More likely than you think.

It's Pete O' Clock!

A Chilean with an interest in the arts, furry fandom, and cuisine. Yum!

Rowan's Blog

A Kentuckian musician and fellow furry that grew up on the web.


A 2000's internet user that creates amazing pixel artwork!

Up All Night

A now inactive site that is dedicated to the webmaster's artwork and media of the weird and obscure.


A cute little site for cute little people.


A web designer that hosts her thoughts, artwork and interest in her corner of the web.

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