Well, after a long time of not doing anything (because I was suffering a depression episode), I got back to finishing up a model I started a long time ago. I think I made the mesh about a month or so ago at time of writing (May-ish?) and then there was that pause and then only recently I finished up the model.

This is a remake of an older model I made, of the character Jin from Dust: An Elysian Tail. There are quite a few things I learned about what to do next from making this model:

  1. Any mesh using solidify, should probably be kept solid. That's the best I can explain for the hair looking odd.
  2. I should make the clothing more "solid" in the sense that instead of being a plane, it should be be a full mesh. It's a bit hard to explain.
  3. There should be bones used to help deform the clothing better. I am not using any cloth sims for reasons for the time being, so using additional bones to help deform the clothing is better than just relying on the leg bones to do the work. Unfortunately I didn't do that, but next time I will.
  4. The mesh should likely be one full mesh (depending on the situation), in this case the clothes. The pants and jacket/shirt are separate, and caused a bit of odd problems for me.

This is actually the fourth model in my on/off project. I don't really want to post the second and third model for reasons, but I did learn from those models as well.